Patagonia! volcanoes, lush valleys, rivers and trout

Patagonia has inspired more than one clothing brand, musicians such as Depece Mode and the Ketil Bjørnstad area have an enormous appeal to many trout fishermen. – At the bottom of the article you will find music by the Norwegian jazz musician Kjetil Bjørnstad.

Patagonia has an appeal to many trout fishermen. Fantastic nature with volcanoes and lush valleys, and a season that suits the outdoor type in the middle of nowhere!

The trout season here starts in September, and ends in April. Argentina has marketed its part of the area for many years, while the Chilean part has been relatively unknown. Chile has a lower standard of living and is not good at marketing itself, but the fact is that more Argentines go to Chile to fish for trout and salmon! Guess why…its fantastic.

Rio Puelo is a wide river with several tributaries, and it has both deep sections and very shallow sections. Good food supply, with b.l.a. Huge numbers of houseflies, stoneflies and crabs make the fish grow fast, and this is really the place to go for “big game hunting” for trout. If you come at the right time, the dream trout can be caught dry, otherwise you fish well with nymphs and streamers.

We believe that this can be a fantastically exciting destination for those who do not measure quality in the number of fish, but in the size of the fish, nature experiences and challenging situations.
The river houses large brown trout, rainbow trout and steelhead (as well as 2 species of salmon), and the river is known for being able to take the largest specimens dry. Especially on the huge stone flies that are found in this river.

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