Fishing rod Test: For all uses and budget

We have tested a total of 25 fishing rods in our fishing rod test to help you through the jungle of rod selection. The test is based on price, use, action, functionality, throw length and precision. We give you the 7 best in our fishing rod test:

Shimano SpeedMaster – Best in test
“Shimano is a fishing rod of high quality and built of robust and light material. If you want a fishing rod of the highest quality, this is our recommended choice ”

Shimano Deep Sea Fishing – Best for deep sea fishing
“If you are looking to catch a big catch, it is a good idea to have a rod that can withstand the weight, if you have a Shimano, this is not something to worry about. A top deep sea fishing rod. ”

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Berkley Pro – Best fishing rod under 100, –
If you have NOK 1,000 as a budget, this is the rod we would use them for. Flexible, robust and good in the hand. ”

Daiwa – Best under 50, –
“Daiwa is a perfect novice rod for those who want an affordable and usable fishing rod”

For those who want the best fishing rod for both freshwater, coastal and salmon fishing:

Shimano SpeedMaster spinning is a two-part long-throwing rod that elegantly covers both large and small fish, from freshwater to coastal and salmon fishing. The rod is made of robust material suitable for Norwegian conditions. The completed design has a two-part handle with both Power Cork and EVA for better grip and less wear. The rod comes as a set, with both rod and reel that provides a well-balanced fishing set, it also comes with a cover and rod tube.

Shimano SpeedMaster CX 300H 10 ‘/ 21-56g (3 meters) is made of HPC100 Carbon with biofiber that comes in a two-piece set. Fuji Alconite which counteracts the line getting stuck during casting, you get both bar pull and bar tube.

In use, the first thing you notice is how elegantly the rod throws, the line slides easily out of the rod. With the rod’s long length and good action, the rod gives long and precise throws. The rod gives a really good control while driving the fish, at the same time as the rod gives good power and control when the fish is hooked. The rod has a characteristic of quality that is really depicted in use. Which made it won get fishing rod test.

  1. Berkley Phazer Pro II – Best fishing rod under the 100 mark
    fishing rod under $ 100

The recently upgraded reel rod contains most of what an angler needs. And from 69, – you make a good purchase. With several robust parts and bar pulls, the bar is designed to be practical for travel. A long and flexible rod with good action will give the fisherman a long and precise cast.

Berkley Phazer Pro II Travel 10 ′ 7-29g has a rod end of 3 meters, sensitive graphite blade, stainless steel rings, cork handles and is delivered in rod pull.

In use, the rod will give very long and precise casts, perfect for fishing from land. With good action, the rod helps you when driving any catch. The length of the rod makes it best suited for coastal fishing or open terrain. The several parts of the rod with the rod cover make the rod practical for longer fishing trips

  1. Daiwa Laguna 8 ′ 10-30g – Fishing rod under 50 note
    best fishing rod

The Laguna series comes in 9 different versions that cover most types of fishing in Scandinavia, and from 49, – the rod gives you good value for money. The all-round rod is designed for long and precise throws. If the rods are combined with the new Laguna snails, you simply have a good and balanced fishing set.

Daiwa Laguna 8 ′ 10-30g has a rod end of 244cm, rod rings of stainless steel, handle of cork and carbon cover, weight of 154 grams and light graphite blades and rear-facing reel attachment.

In use, the rod has a good throw length. Although the rod has top action, the long rod length provides fairly precise throws. The top action makes the rod stiff, which will make it partly challenging to control any fish when entering.

  1. Shimano Combo Deep Sea Fishing 2 – Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod
    fishing rod for deep sea fishing

For you who want a complete set for heavier deep sea fishing:

Shimano Combo Deep Sea Fishing 2 is a fishing rod for you who want a fishing rod for heavy and light deep sea fishing.

The deep-sea fishing set is one of Norway’s most popular deep-sea fishing sets, and it is not without reason. The fishing rod is made to have a lot of lifting power, good balance when deep sea fishing and an elegant use. The Power Pro Depth hunter multifilament line shows you with colors how deep you are fishing and where the previous fish bet on.

In use, the first thing you notice is the stability and lifting power of the deep-sea fishing rod. The multifiliament line really helps you if you are looking for a special type of fish, or in a special type of environment. The 231 centimeter long rod also means that you have good action and control of the fish when driving. A good rod for both pilking and dredging. Which was why we chose it as the winner for deep sea fishing in our fishing rod test.

  1. Orvis Clearwater 10 ′ – Best fishing rod for fly fishing
    best fishing rod for fly fishing

For those of you who want the best possible rod for fly fishing, Clearwater has a completely new rod series developed for Norwegian mountain and river conditions. The fishing rod is expandable

dressed for hunting trout, grayling, sea trout and salmon. All rods also come with a 25-year warranty.

The rod is designed to reinforce nymph techniques, the fly fishing technique most commonly used in Europe.

We have not rocked to test this rod ourselves, but our friend and salmon fishing enthusiast, Sivert Engan, has given feedback on the rod.
“The rod gives you good control, this is very beneficial for inexperienced fishermen, and for fishing in challenging environments. The rod provides good contact, quick reaction and easy slack on the line. ” Which was why we chose it as our favorite for fly fishing in our fishing rod test.

Daiwa Ninja X Spinning 8 ′ 5-25g -Most for the money
fishing rod test for children


The Ninja X Spinning 8 ′ (245cm) series is a very simple fishing rod well suited for mountain fishing and light coastal fishing. The rod is made of strong carbon, which is reinforced at critical points. The two-part all-round rod costs a reasonable 545, –

The 245cm rod has a carbon rod, cork handle, DPS reel seat and stainless steel LTS rings.

In use, the rod performs well above its price range, it has a soft and good action that gives good precision when casting and control when driving fish. It can sometimes be a bit challenging during the hooking of any fish if you hook too early.
The reason why the Spinning series gives you the most for your money is simply what you get for the reasonable price. The rod is perfect for you who want to have a rod for works just fine for mountain fishing and light coastal fishing. It is easy to use and has all the essential necessities a fishing rod needs.

Okuma Aria 6 ′ 10-30g – Best fishing rod for children
When choosing a fishing rod for children who have not fished so much before, it is important to choose a rod that has fast action, so you get both precise cast and good power when you hook. Also for children, it is fine with a good length on the rod, it can be a bit challenging at the start, but to master the throwing technique, longer rods are better. Children are often more ruthless when it comes to treating equipment, so price may be worth considering.

Our recommendation is: Okuma Aria 6 ′ 10-30g –

best fishing rod for children


The two-part rod of 182cm has a fast action, strong material that can withstand hard handling. It is perfect for children who want to try freshwater fishing and light coastal fishing. It is delivered in a simple seaweed bag, so it is easy to have control of all parts of the fishing rod for the child.

In use, the rod is easy to handle, especially if the throwing technique is not fully seated. It has a fast action that gives precise and good throws. When driving fish, the rod provides control. Which made it win in our fishing rod test as the best fishing rod for children.

What to look for in a fishing rod test?
There is a large selection of fishing rods, which cover a variety of needs. When choosing a new fishing rod, it is important to think about what needs the rod should cover, in that sense it can be good to think about:

What type of fishing should the rod be used for?

How often should the rod be used?

What is the budget for the new fishing rod?

In our fishing rod tips, we took advantage of these questions to arrive at the best fishing rods for your needs and your budget.

Some tips for choosing a fishing rod
All fishing rods have a so-called action, it describes the extent to which the rod bends during resistance. Full action (bends in its entire length) gives you precise casts, and good control when driving fish, but you do not get as much power when the fish is hooked. Half action (bends in half its length) provides ok precision, good control when driving fish and good power when the fish is hooked. Top action (bends in 1/4 of its length), the stiffest rod, they give a little less precise, but longer throws. Top action gives the most power when the fish is hooked.

Rod length
Longer rod length gives longer throws. in coastal fishing and trout fishing, a long rod will perform better. for river fishing, a shorter rod will fit best.

You usually encounter cork or foam rubber. Both handles work great, where the main difference is that more thought cork looks better.

We hope you found our fishing rod test useful and we hope you found the fishing rod you have always dreamed of!

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